Essilor Instruments supports Vision for Life™ at Talent Hub event organized by Nos Quartiers ont du Talent in Paris

On November 15, the Essilor Group and Vision for Life ™, Essilor’s strategic giving fund, joined forces with the NQT association for “Talents Hub”, an event that supports thousands of young students (with 3 or more years of further study) from low income backgrounds in their job search.

For the event, Essilor Instruments Division mobilized its teams and resources to provide expertise and latest generation solutions for vision screening and diagnostics.

A partnership to help young graduates from low income backgrounds. NQT is an association that since 2006 has helped  40,000 young graduates, supported by more than 10,000 mentors and sponsors. Over the next five years it aims to launch an ambitious new program supporting 100,000 young people to find a job that matches their qualifications. During the “Talents Hub” event, participants had the opportunity to develop their network by meeting hundreds of sponsors, mentors and collaborators from companies and partner institutions.

Good vision contributes to a successful job search. Illustrating Essilor’s mission ‘improving lives by improving sight’, Vision for Life ™ created a visual health stand at the event, offering basic vision screening to more comprehensive tests for each young person. Volunteers from Essilor Instruments performed vision tests using its Visiosmart and WAM 700, giving each young person a more individual understanding of the importance of seeing well for their future success.

All in all more than 40 Essilor volunteers enabled to raise the awareness about the importance of good vision of 4,000 young people and screened 800 of them. Among them, 53% were diagnosed with a visual defect and only half of them had already a visual correction. One more reason for Esssilor teams to pursue the mission of improving sight.